Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the SpinEtc website. SpinEtc takes the pleasure to welcome you to their website located at https://spinetc.co.uk/. The SpinEtc website, herein referred to as “this website (us, we, our)” is the proprietary right and operated by SpinEtc. The following Terms & Conditions (T&C) outline the guidelines for accessing and using the services offered on this website directly or indirectly from any type of device, fix or portable, that gives access to our platform. Browsing this website implies that you acknowledge the Terms & Conditions herein referred to as “T&C” along with the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this T&C, you must immediately discontinue the use of the present website. All guidelines and policies found on this website must be read in conjunction with the present T&C and considered as legally binding.

  1. The Purpose of This Website
  • SpinEtc offers its users (clients, customers, you, your, visitors) the possibility to access the website via the internet and obtain information and services related to our activities.
  • We hold fitness classes that include Spin, HIIT, Yoga, and Pilates
  • We operate under the brand “SpinEtc.”, a privately owned company located in Stanmore Place and registered in England and Wales
  • You acknowledge that any information you provide to us through this website for the purpose of accessing our fitness classes, is true and exhaustive according to your knowledge.
  1. Membership to Our Classes
    •  It is the policy of SpinEtc that any agreement be undertaken by a person of legal age (18+) and who is qualified to enter into a contract. Should the individual be considered a minor (under 18+), it is understood that a parent or guardian is required to acknowledge our agreement.
    • Membership implies compliance with the general guidelines for the use of our facilities as mentioned herein within this T&C and on our website.
    • Membership requires compliance with our class booking procedures, our class rules and regulations, our opening hours, and the general conduct
    • Membership can be obtained depending on any package or membership plan being offered on this website.
    • Regardless of the type of membership, confirmation of the type of booking through this website and/or by email is considered as legally binding and acknowledged upon the payment of any fees relating to the details of the booking.
    • It is your responsibility to adhere to the terms of any membership and to inform SpinEtc of any changes that may affect the details of your membership.
    • SpinEtc reserve the right to suspend or terminate any membership should it deemed necessary due to a breach of the T&C of your membership or if we believe that your conduct is damaging for the general goals and orientation of SpinEtc.
    • All ‘ready to make a commitment’ packages are annual contracts and can not be cancelled for the first 12 months. Thereafter, SpinEtc require 3 months notice in order to cancel the contract. Early termination of contract will result in charges. 
    • All ‘class packages’ have an expiry date before which time all credits must be used. If they are not used in this time, credits will be lost and the contract may be renewed automatically purchasing further credits. This auto renew can be cancelled at anytime by the user and is the user’s responsibility to monitor. 
  2. Booking Classes
  • Booking is subject to the availability of spaces. You can book a class either in the context of a membership plan and/or package, subject to availability of spaces. We make every effort to provide our clients with the booking arrangement most convenient to them, however, we cannot guarantee the availability of spaces at any one time.
  • Bookings for a class and any membership fees are paid in advance, either as a lump sum and/or as successive concomitant payments by direct debit depending on your membership plan or booking arrangements. You will be required to purchase credits or unlimited packages upfront which you will then use to book onto a class.
  • All packages are set to auto top-up which means once the existing package is completed – either by reaching the end of the month in unlimited packages (30 days from start date); booking/completing the final class in a class count package or the expiry of any package, you will automatically be allocated the same package again and your card charged accordingly. You may cancel this at anytime. 
  • Any booking made through the present website is deemed legally binding upon payment of any fees. Booking may or may not be subject to cancellation depending on certain conditions
  • Non-payment of concomitant membership fees at the agreed time may result in the cancellation of your membership
  • Bookings can be made using pre-purchased credits and are cancellable no later than 12 hours prior to the start of a class for a return of credit. Any request for booking cancellation made within 12 hours to the start of a class will result in loss of that credit. Any no-show to a booked class will result in a loss of said credit.
  • Any cancellations within 12 hours of the start to a class or no-show for members with unlimited packages; will result in a fine of up to £13.
  • You authorize SpinEtc or any third party payment processing solution we may employ to charge your credit/debit card for the products and/or services you purchase on our website or in our studio. You certify and warrant that you are the sole user this account on SpinEtc website and are responsible for the use of your credit/debit cards, or any other payment method you may employ. Unless explicitly noted, any payment made to SpinEct is non-refundable.
  1. Heath Commitment Limitation of Liability
    • SpinEtc, its staff, directors, or any related parties, directly or indirectly associated with SpinEtc under no circumstances are liable for any health conditions regarding your ability to properly follow and undertake any fitness classes. It is your responsibility to obtain professional consent from a medical practitioner for your physical and/or mental wellbeing to take part in a particular fitness class.
    • SpinEtc, its staff, directors, or any related parties, directly or indirectly associated with SpinEtc does not warrant your ability to properly use the product and services found in our facilities. It is your responsibility to adhere to safety measures for the use of any facility and to commit to our Health Commitment Statement that you acknowledge upon registering for a class with us.
    • SpinEtc liability is limited to any loss or damages you incur to the extent that we fail to adhere to our responsibility as indicated by law resulting in death or injury to you because of our negligence. With the exception if the accident is the result of:
      • Your own negligence
      • The negligence of a third party not related to SpinEtc
      • Unforeseen circumstances
    • Our responsibility to compensate you in the case of negligence from our behalf is limited to a reasonable amount in accordance with the actual circumstance arousing from the accident and/or to the extent required by law.
  2. Limitation of Liability
    • Your use of our website and any product and services herein are offered “as is” and does not include any warranty, expressed or implied, representation, or endorsement whatsoever regarding the products and/or services offered on this website.
    • SpinEtc disclaims any warranty, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, and include, but is not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness, regarding a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement.
    • Under no circumstance will SpinEtc, its staff, or associated parties, directly or indirectly, be liable for any damages which includes, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive, other indirect damages, loss of income, revenue, stress, pain, etc, that arises in relation to any issues you may claim for the use of this present website or the use of the studio or facilities.
  3. The Use of This Website
    • Using this website is conditional to being of legal age (18+) and able of entering into a binding agreement as expressed in the T&C herein.
    • Your use of this website is solely limited to obtaining information and/or registration to a fitness class session as described in sections 2 and 3 respectively
    • You acknowledge that any information you provide is true and accurate in accordance to your knowledge. Fraudulent, speculative, and false registrations and/or bookings is strictly prohibited and can be prosecuted to the extent of the law
    • Your continuous use of the present website signifies that you accept:
  • To adhere to the T&C, Privacy Policy, and any agreements herein
  • Will not use the website for fraudulent transactions
  • Will not use, post, download, or sell any content on this website without that are the copyrights of SpinEtc, and without the proper authorization to do so
  1. Personal Information
    • SpinEtc does not collect personal information without strict consent by you.
    • Personal information collected are only for the purpose of the acquisition of our services. The information we may collect include your name, address, email, phone number, credit card information, and booking details. These information are solely for the purpose of providing you access to our website and the related services including our classes.
    • The information obtained serves the only purpose of offering you the best service possible. Your personal details are essential for the purpose of properly being able to identify you. The information may also be used to provide you with promotional services.
    • In the eventuality that the information is being used for promotional purposes, it will be strictly with your consent to receive email, text, or other promotional offers Generally, your personal information is collected for:
  • Bookings – you need to provide your personal information for any bookings or membership plan registration
  • Customer service – the only way we can satisfy your queries is when you provide us with personal information that relates to a subject matter of concern
  • Account administration – With your personal details, we can better tailor your account according to your needs by setting preferences and facilitating any bookings and/or membership registration in the future.
  • Marketing – as mentioned we may occasional send promotional information to you, but strictly with your consent
  • Market Research – with your consent, your information may be used for the purpose of market research.
  1. Disclaimer
    • SpinEtc offers its services according to and made available without any expressed or implied warranties, which includes, but not limited to warranties of merchantability. SpinEtc reveals that we do not guarantee neither make the assumption that services on this website are without fault, secured, nor without interruptions.
    • No statement, verbal or written, provided by SpinEtc, its staff, third party associates, or licensee can be regarded as a warranty, neither should anyone consider any such statement or information.
    • SpinEtc, its staff, third party associates or representative will not be responsible for damages or costs incurred by you directly or indirectly while using this website or any transaction thereof due to server malfunction, internet interruptions, redirected or misdirected transmissions, viruses, or any computer  technical problems regardless whether it is human or technical in nature
  2. Website Registration Details
    • Some sections of the website are restricted to members only subject to registration and the acquisition of a user name and password
    • It is your responsibility to safeguard your login details and not provide to any third party to access your details on the website. If for any reason whatsoever, you believe that your login details have been compromised, you are advised either to change the password and/or contact the SpinEtc customer service for assistance.
    • As a registered member, your use of this website is limited to accessing content made available to you through your user name and password and any content publicly available to the general public. Under no circumstances should you attempt to gain access to any other restricted area requiring a user name and password apart from the ones provided by your login details, neither will you deliberately seek to evade authentication security procedures or allow a third party to do so.
    • Any document, file, or information containing personal data subject to data protection legislations should only be used in accordance with such legislation.
    • SpinEtc will not be responsible for unauthorised access to your account and any breach of security thereof. You should notify SpinEtc customer service if you suspect any suspicious activities on your account.
    • As a consumer you’re protected by statutory rights with regards to service performance when accessing areas protected by user’s name and password. The statutory rights are not affected by statements contained in these conditions.
  3. Indemnification
    • If you use this website it is with the acknowledgement that you will protect and indemnify SpinEtc, its staff, third party, or any entity associated with SpinEtc, directly or expenses that results from your use of this website. If you use this website for the purpose of assisting a friend, third party, or any other entity, it remains under your responsibility to make aware to the concerned party all rules and regulations concerning the use of SpinEtc website. Indirectly without limitation. That includes SpinEtc, its directors, representatives, associates, contractors, agents, consultant, attorney, etc, from and against any claims, liabilities, judgements or costs, and any cause of action, including and not limited to legal fees.
  4. Intellectual Property
    • SpinEtc, its website and any software, any material, or any information herein on the website are the intellectual property of SpinEtc
    • Copyright materials are videos, graphics, software, the website design and layout, the trade mark, the logo, and any other material and information found on this website.
    • Unless specifically permitted, it is prohibited to download, modify, trade, sell, any copyright material that are the intellectual property of SpinEtc.
    • Materials permitted for personal usage are specified accordingly. It any material, information is permitted for personal usage, such material in the event of copying, redistribution, publication or transfer shall under no circumstances be altered, neither should any trademark or author attribution deleted.
    • Your use of any permitted material and information for downloading, copying, or publication is subject to your consent that you acknowledge that under no circumstances will you claim ownership of copyright material that is the intellectual property of SpinEtc or any of its associates.
  5. Changes to the T&C
  • 12.1 SpinEtc reserved the right to change any the content of the T&C herein at any time and without notice. Any changes or alteration of the present T&C takes effect immediately upon its publication
  • 12.2 Your continued use of this website subsequent to any changes implies that you agree with the changes and consider it as legally binding

13 Waiver

  • 13.1 Under no circumstances will any waiver of these T&C be deemed valid unless strictly acknowledged by us in writing.