Hi I’m Neesha Radia (of Yuj Lifestyle Instagram @yujwithneesh), an ex-city banker, Yoga and Meditation teacher. I’ve been practising for over 12 years alongside being a professional Kathak Indian Classical Dancer and fitness lover. This makes me a creative spirit who loves to draw upon all of these practises and offer versatile Yoga training to meet my client tribes where they are at!

My approach? I create a space for people to connect to their authentic selves, to practise self-mastery and stillness which is so important through rapidly evolving and increasingly stressful times. #stillnessthroughmovement is the motto. 

I’ve officially qualified in both Hatha Yoga (with a strong emphasis on Meditation, Pranayama, Mind Yoga and Yogic Science) and Vinyasa Yoga. I’ve also studied Yoga for Special children (differently abled children). However the Yoga I share is a culmination of all these things and more so inspired by my own experiences of working with my body and on my whole self.

Move through life with more grace and ease through practising self-care, mindful movement, meditation, breath-work, conscious relaxation with attention to alignment, body awareness and our mind stuff. Get to know your body, your self, get stuck in!

Yoga is not just a practise or thing you do in your spare time. It’s your life support mechanism, your personal go to space to help you make better decisions and feel stronger, resilient, even-minded and just kore equity for life. The real Yoga begins when you leave your mat.