Did you know that sugar can cause weight gain, risk of heart disease, diabetes and drain your energy. Consuming too much sugar/ high processed “comfort foods” have also been linked to depression. It’s scary knowing that some of the foods we eat can have such a negative impact on our bodies as well as our mental health.

Research shows that too much added sugar can:

  • Increase kidney disease risk: Having high blood sugar levels can cause damage to the blood vessels in your kidneys.
  • Negatively impact dental health: Consuming excessive amounts of sugar can cause cavities.
  • Accelerate cognitive decline: High-sugar diets can impair your memory and increase the risk of developing dementia.

As humans we are very much aware of how detrimental sugar can be to our bodies, but we still fall into that trap and crave the odd fizzy drink or chocolate doughnut! It’s just soo darn addictive (sigh)

What can we do to change this?

A good place to start would be to cut down on your consumption of sugar filled drinks such as coke, energy drinks and fruit juices. Healthier alternatives would of course be water as water has zero calories or if you want to add a little flavour you could always try sparkling water with a few slices of lemon and lime or mint and cucumber… Which is really refreshing. Herbal and fruit teas are also great options but if you’re anything like me and you like a good coffee in the morning 😊 black coffee is definitely acceptable!

Another thing to avoid would be DESSERTS!! Which has to be everyones KRYPTONITE.. I mean who doesn’t love a tasty dessert?? If you do find yourself craving a sugary pud, grab a handful of fruit, low fat yoghurt or some dark chocolate instead.

Everything in moderation 😉 … And that’s just to name a few – The list is endless

Excessive amounts of sugar can leave you feeling tired, hungry not to mention absolutely MISERABLE. Be mindful of what you are eating, check food packaging labels for sugar and salt content and NEVER shop when you’re hungry!!

Another important factor to take in to consideration would be to ensure that you get a sufficient amount of sleep. It is essential to get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night as that can also contribute towards ‘unnecessary snacking’. When you lack sleep your hormone levels change causing an imbalance and your body starts to release a hormone called ‘Serotonin’ which causes you to crave sweet things – Awful right??

To sum it up.. Sugar is evil lol, we may not be able to cut it out completely but by reducing our daily intake little but little, day by day, will make a huge difference.


Sheree Louise 21st Jan 2019

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