We always find ourselves figuring out the right time to fit in our workout. We sit procrastinating, finding excuses and making appointments or arrangements to avoid getting to the gym.

Bu what I don’t get is why we do this because everyone always feels great after attending a cheeky session at the local gym or studio. So todays short and sweet little blog is to give you a couple of reasons why early morning workouts can be your new best friend.


Number 1: Get it done, get it out of the way. Whether or not you have an early start at work, work in town, have kids to drop off at school, the list of excuses goes on, booking into an early session at the studio can fit around this once made a priority. There are classes on studios timetables that will work alongside your morning schedule – so what -you have to wake up a little bit earlier? So what – it’s dark outside in the morning? Get yourself to that 6.30am class, and release those endorphins to make you feel good for the rest of the day.


Number 2: You can’t say you don’t have time. I truly believe that if someone wants something bad enough, they make the time. They make that sacrifice;  even if its a 45 minute class and they have to be ready for work in 50 they do 30 minutes of that class because that is making a commitment, doing those 30 minutes is better then lying in bed and wishing you went. Time is so important, don’t lose time by wishing, just book in and get the job done.


Number 3: Early morning classes mean you don’t have to attend an evening one. (unless you’re feeling really cheeky) But the positive of an early morning sesh really means that once you’ve finished work you can go home/ see friends/ spend time with family that originally you would have spent in the packed out gym or studio. (Just putting it out there that of course working out after work is a great thing, but this blog is specifically for an alternative view of morning workouts)


Number 4: You can save money on your water bills because you can have your morning shower at the studio or gym! (that one got you thinking didn’t it) In all seriousness especially here at SpinEtc we have lovely changing room and shower facilities for you to use after class which means you can just pop straight off to the next job you’ve got to do.


Number 5: You have the entire rest of your day to do what you like once you’ve completed your morning session – and the energy that is pumped into the rest of your day – that is just awesome! You also don’t have to sit there once is got to 5pm after an exhausting day of work and think to yourself ah I’ve got to go to the gym now. When you do this, gyming has turned into a chore and that is something you DONT want. Make your workouts your friend, enjoy them, enjoy the sweat and the atmosphere and the feeling of liberation physically and emotionally once you’ve completed the session.


So whats the conclusion here? Well, get yourself booked into a morning session here at SpinEtc and you can decide the positives for yourself.


Honey Fine

17th Oct 2018

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