It’s Monday, the start of a new week, the last week of September, your time to set some new goals and challenges. Whether it be starting or re-starting your healthy eating diet, taking up some new fitness classes, attending the gym more often, cutting down on alcohol, (the list could go on and on) Monday is the perfect day for these goals to be set.

Why do we think that Monday is such a great day for these motivational moves?

Reason 1: Its the start of the week, you have a whole seven days in front of you to get the job done. Let’s say you were to set these goals on a Thursday, well there would be no point to that because you’ve got a work do that night, and a heavy weekend of drinking ahead of you. What about a Sunday? Well thats a little useless too don’t you think? You’ve wasted a whole week of going over bad habits so why wouldn’t you just start the next week off to a good start?

2: Mondays are always seen as the worse day of the week because you’ve had all that time off over the weekend and it’s time to go back to work (for those of you who actually get to take some time to chill over the weekend) so why don’t we turn it into a positive! Monday should be a positive, and it is our aim to make it one with Monday Motivation.

3: Monday is a day that reminds you of your priorities. It gives you a chance to reinforce goals you set yourself either the week before or over the weekend. It’s that fresh start you’ve needed and you can plan out your week ahead to work through your mental or physical list that will get you where you want to be.

4: Monday defines your week. However you decide to play it out your Monday will determine your attitude and mindset for the rest of your week. You are in control, grab a hold of Monday and get the job done.

5: And finally, Monday should be the best day of the week because everyday should be a great day. Everyone always talks about maintaining a positive attitude and of course it can be one of the hardest and most challenging things to do, but why not add that to your list of things to do during the week? Turn a negative into a positive!!

#MondayMotivation originated from Twitter and too right for someone to come up with it. If you want success that bad, if you want to achieve something so much you will get up in the morning and go and do it.

Too often we are scared to take a leap of faith, to go that extra mile, because what if it backfires? But what if we had that attitude to everything? We would literally never get anything done. So why can’t we set crazy fitness goals or healthy living objectives and actually achieve them? Is it our mindset, our insecurities, lifestyle or are we just continuously giving excuses.

So here is something for you to think about this Monday. What motivates you? What makes you get up in the morning? Is it your kids? Your partner? Your job? the weather…? Find that motivation and use it to complete something amazing this week. Chose that healthy option at lunch, attend a lunch time class during work because you have an hour so why not use it wisely? And finally, complete the things you wish you had done the week before because time is precious and Monday is the day to set your goals and achieve.

Happy Monday all, have a great motivational week!


24th Sept 2018

Honey Fine

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