As London’s Fashion week comes to a close, we see all the weird and wonderful styles emerge on beautiful, exquisite, tall models.

I’ve always wondered whether people look up to the slim frames the catwalk models possess? Or whether they look down upon these type of models because of the stigma of models being ‘unhealthy and too thin’.

Its an interesting topic to think about because the modelling industry is forever changing in terms of having plus sized models, less photoshop and more diversity. However, catwalk models have a very specific and precise frame to maintain due to the designers only creating tiny sizes to show their clients.

Do we really think that models put themselves through absolute hell to maintain the body they need to walk down the catwalk or are they just naturally blessed with this ‘catwalk frame?’ In reality I don’t think we will ever get a truthful answer but after doing some research we can see that fitness does play a big role in the life of a catwalk model.

The main goal of a catwalk model is to stay lean and toned, essentially the clothes need to hug the right not wrong places! Lots of cardio is on the cards for these models, such as running, (some even get involved with the marathon) swimming, HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Spin.

Another essential aspect of a models regime is to drink lots of water. Water is important to prevent dehydration, it is used as a weight loss strategy, (for example substituting it for a full fat coke would definitely make a difference in calorie intake) water also helps to energise muscles helping your performance in the gym, and helps to keep your skin clear and hydrated.

Research also presented how models lack sleep during fashion week and say that therefore keeping on top of their sleep schedule throughout the year is extremely important. In a scientific sense, sleep is highly important for maximum performance in exercise and daily life. Sleep provides rest and recovery to your muscles, they need to repair, reset and be recharged to work again the next day. The recommended guidance for the amount of sleep needed is 8 hours but for athletes it is anything between 7-10 hours! Why so much you may ask? Well, in the gym you’re not actually building muscle, you’re just ripping muscle fibres and the repair and growth only happens when resting! So basically what we are saying here is that sleep is important, not just for your physical state but for your mental and emotional state too.

Ideally we hope that catwalk models live a healthy lifestyle, but realistically who knows what they do to stay looking so great!

Here’s some food for thought; what if there wasn’t a specific height, waist, bust measurement, or athletic look? Would fashion week still be so successful? Would we still view these models as appealing and exquisite? Or would fashion appeal to a wider market? Would there be less of a stigma behind the perfect body?


19th Sept 2018

Honey Fine


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